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Setting up an itunes account

Use the iPad app store to set up an account without a credit card.
-In the app store, attempt to purchase a free app.
-Choose create new iTunes account and agree to the terms.
-Fill in the required info
-When the payment screen appears, click on Visa in the top space and change it to None
-Continue down to the third space to fill out the remaining info.

Entering a credit card or app card is still an issue that is being handled differently across districts, but these are the solutions we currently are aware of:
-Ask the PTA to purchase an app card
-Individual buys app card and PTA reimburses
-Individual buys app card, then submits invoices for specific purchased apps and school does direct pay
-One school actually put the purchasing card info in iTunes during setup (NOT RECOMMENDED)

Step by Step tutorial on setting up itunes account